1.What do you mean by ‘registered email id’?

  • The email id that you provide when you purchase a ticket for any workshop/batch is your ‘registered email id’. This email id will be the primary source for any kind of important communications (like ticket details, updates, etc).

2.Even after a successful transaction, I haven’t received a confirmation email?

  • It could be due to any one of the following reasons-
  • The confirmation mail got delivered in your spam/junk folder
  • Your registered email inbox is full;

3.Have received a confirmation email with the class link, but still unable to login/join the workshop.

  • To join the workshop it is mandatory to create an account/sign-in to your Zoom app.

4.Do I need to download the Zoom App?

  • It is mandatory to download the Zoom App in your device (mobile/desktop)

5.Can International students register for workshops/batches?

  • We accept International transactions in our payment gateway too.

6.Can I purchase two tickets for the same workshop/event under one email id ?

  • Only ONE ticket can be issued under one email id, for a particular workshop/batch.

7.What if I get logged out during a workshop?

  • You can re-join the session using the same unique link sent to your registered email id.

8.What is the difference between Weekend workshop and Weekday batch?

  • Weekend workshops are One-Day session for a duration of 2 hours, whereas, Weekday Batches are Two-day sessions of 1hr 15mins each where the choreography is split into two parts.

9.For a weekday batch, am I supposed to attend both the days?

  • Yes it is compulsory, as the choreography is split into two days.

10.Is any workshop/batch recording/tutorial available?

  • No

11.Do I have to keep my video on during the workshop/batch ?

  • It is advisable to enable your video during the workshop, as it helps the instructor to mentor you better.

12.Can I login from multiple devices?

  • Only one device per ticket is allowed.

13.Can a beginner/non-dancer join the workshop/batch?

  • We teach routines step by step, and revise them on counts/music multiple times.

14.Who will teach Weekend/Weekday workshops?

  • Weekend : Sonal / Nicole &  Weekday : Yoshetaa / Andrea

15.Is there any specific dress-code to attend the workshop?

  • It is advisable for you to wear any clothes that you are comfortable in to dance.

16.Are there any age restrictions to enroll for the workshop/batch?

  • As long as you are able to follow the instructions given in class.